Our period products

What ingredients are in your period products?

Did you know that companies aren’t required by law to tell you what’s in your period products? Most conventional products contain plastic, chemicals, bleach and other nasties that have no business near your vagina. Well that doesn’t sit right with us, and we’ve got nothing to hide. All our tampons are made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. That’s it.

Our applicator tampons come wrapped in paper, with biodegradable cardboard applicators which you can pop in the compost once you’re done with them.

Our pads and liners are also made out of organic cotton, and things get really cool when it comes to the adhesive and wrapping paper. Both the adhesive and the wrapping are made out of biodegradable corn-starch (it’s a modern miracle!) so when you’re finished you just wrap it up and pop that in the compost too.

Where are your tampons made?

We’ve partnered with the lovely folks at Kind Organic to bring you the best in slavery-free, ethically sourced period products. The products are made in Spain and packed for you in the UK.

I’ve heard tampons and pads are bad for the environment – is that true?

Some period products are made with a lot of plastic, in fact the average box of pads contains about 5 plastic bags! They can also contain harmful chemicals, additives, fragrances, bleach and residues of pesticides or herbicides. Not good, right?

We all know plastic is bad news for Mother Nature, so that’s why we’re proud to offer unscented, hypoallergenic, biodegradable 100% organic cotton period products. This means we can offer an alternative - no more tampons and pads in our oceans or landfills.

We also make all our products with GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS certified cotton is grown without toxic, synthetic pesticides and uses sustainable farming methods – awesome!

Read more about the difference sustainable period products make to the environment

Are your products slavery-free and ethically sourced?

100%! Our organic cotton farmers are paid a fair price for their produce. We only use organic cotton - an ethical and eco-friendly choice, as it protects those who grow it and its surrounding environment. Organic farming uses less water during production, no harmful pesticides or herbicides and is an all-round more sustainable practice.

Are your products vegan?


Are your products safe for me to use?

Yes. The delicate tissue of the vagina is super absorbent, so we have to be careful with what we expose ourselves to. Because we only use organic cotton in our products, your skin can breathe more easily and isn’t at risk of absorbing any harmful chemicals. So you (and your vagina) can breathe a sigh of relief.

Can I flush your period products?

Please don't flush any period products down the toilet! They can block our drains, and it means lots of microplastic ends up in our rivers and oceans. So do the fishies a favour and put your products in the bin. Thank you :)

Our merchandise

Where are your t-shirts and bags made?

We teamed up with Supreme Creations, who own their own Fairtrade factory in Pondicherry, India, to make our t-shirts and period bags. They focus on making reusable products, using eco-friendly dyes and inks and GOTS certified organic cotton - all the things we like!

Check out Supreme Creation's website

Can I return my t-shirt or bag?

Of course you can! Find out more on our delivery and returns page.

Your subscription

How long do I have to subscribe for?

There’s no minimum subscription period, so you can cancel at any time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes – you can cancel any time by either logging in to your account on fempowered.me or by emailing us at hello@fempowered.me (But, of course, we hope you won’t want to!). 

To cancel online follow these steps:

  1. Once you’re in your account, click 'manage your subscription'.
  2. You’ll see your subscription details on the screen. Scroll to ‘Actions’ on the right-hand side and you'll see an option to cancel.
  3. Click the 'Cancel' link.

How do I change the products in my box?

You can change the product bundles you receive each month whenever you like - just get in touch at hello@fempowered.me and we'll amend your order for you.

Please note: our system can take up to 5 days to update orders so if your box is due to be dispatched within 5 days of you changing your order, your box may not be updated until the following month.

Can I skip a month?

Yes, you can skip a delivery by logging into your account and following these steps:

  1. Once you’re in your account you’ll see the option to 'manage your subscription'. Click on this link.
  2. In the subscription management page you can choose to skip by clicking ‘Manage your Schedule’.
  3. Your next order date should appear under Order Schedule and there will be an option to ‘skip’ this order.
  4. You can log back in and skip your next box in the same way any time you like.


How do I change my card details?

Just log-in to your account on fempowered.me and go to the account details section.

Which day will I be charged each month?

You will be charged on the same day that you originally began your subscription.

Can I change my delivery or billing address?

Sure, no problem. Either log in to your account on fempowered.me and update your details or email us at hello@fempowered.me.

I’ve forgotten my password/ login?

We’ve all been there. Just drop our Fempowered team an email on hello@fempowered.me and they’ll help you out.

Delivery and returns

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free! Hallelujah.

Will my Fempowered pack fit through my letterbox?

The Fempowered box will fit through most letterboxes (we did some measuring) - it's 240mm (w) x 307mm (l) x 25mm (h).

Do you deliver outside the UK?

At the moment we only deliver to addresses in the UK.

My order is faulty/damaged?

We’ll happily replace or refund any products (whichever you prefer) which are faulty or damaged. Just email us at hello@fempowered.me us know within 10 calendar days of receiving your order. (Due to the nature of the products we cannot accept returns for products that have been taken out of the original packaging.)

Where is my order?

We post all deliveries by Royal Mail second class, which enables us to offer free UK shipping for you! After you've received your despatch confirmation e-mail, it usually takes 2 - 5 working days to be received, depending on where you are in the UK.

Please note that deliveries are still a little slower than 'normal' timeframes due to ongoing delays caused by the pandemic. If you haven't received your order within 15 working days please get in touch at hello@fempowered.me and we'll sort you out!

Our work

What's the link between periods and WaterAid?

There are millions of women and girls around the world right now who don’t have access to a toilet right now. In fact it’s 1 in 4 people. Imagine having nowhere clean or safe to manage the blood flow every month. WaterAid work tirelessly to change this by working with communities to provide access to clean water and building more toilets in communities, healthcare buildings and schools.

Not only that, but there is still a huge stigma around periods in many developing countries. Some cultures believe that menstruation is a disease that will destroy crops, sour milk, or even make others ill. These taboos have to stop. WaterAid is working with schools and communities to help provide better education around periods, so people understand the facts and can stop spreading the shame in blood.

These factors combined means that millions of young girls are missing out on school, either through bleeding and not having the clean water, or resources to deal with their periods, or because they’re banished from their community due to the stigmas that surround periods. WaterAid projects help tackle this problem face on, so girls can go to school, get an education and carry on living their lives without limitations.

Read more about the girls WaterAid have already helped on our blog

Why don’t you just donate tampons and pads to people in developing countries?

Managing your period is never just about having the products to hand. It’s about clean water and decent standards of sanitation, having the right information and tackling those social stigmas. Period.

We also want to create sustainable, positive change, which is less likely to happen when people are forced to rely on aid.

That’s why we want to do more than give away disposable period products. Through WaterAid’s work we can have open conversations where young people will grow up knowing how to manage their periods properly, as well as understanding they aren’t something to be ashamed of. We can make sure everyone is involved in these conversations too, and undo the stigma and taboos that create massive gender inequality.

At the same time we’re able to work with local partners to build vital facilities, like female-friendly toilets, as well as infrastructure for clean water, so that everyone on their period can stay clean and healthy.

How much of the £10 per monthly subscription box goes to WaterAid?

Fempowered is completely non-profit – 100% of our profits go towards WaterAid’s work tackling period and gender inequality. This means that per your monthly £10 subscription box, approximately £3.50 goes to WaterAid.