All profits go to WaterAid

About Fempowered

1. How much does Fempowered cost?

A Fempowered subscription costs £10 a month.

2. Can I choose what sanitary products and brands I get?

All of our products are from Kind Organic, but you can choose from a range of products to suit your flow and cycle. You can pick up to 3 different products to fill your box with.

3. Can I buy a Fempowered subscription as a gift?

Not at the moment, but watch this space!

4. How environmentally friendly are the products?

Very! We’ve partnered with Kind Organics because their products are kind to skin, the environment and farmers. Organic cotton is an ethical and eco-friendly choice, as it protects those who grow it and its surrounding environment. Organic farming uses less water during production, no harmful pesticides or herbicides and is an all-round more sustainable practice.

Kind’s products are also free from rayon, fragrance, chlorine bleach and any artificial absorbents. Organic cotton is naturally breathable and soft in texture, making it ideal for period care.

Account information

5. How long do I have to subscribe for?

There’s no minimum subscription period, so you can cancel at any time.

6. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes – you can cancel any time by either logging in to your account on or by emailing us at (But, of course, we hope you won’t want to!)

7. How do I change the products in my box?

You can change the product bundles you receive each month by logging in to your account on and amending your order.

Please note: our system can take up to 10 days to update orders so if your box is due to be dispatched within 10 days of you changing your order, your box may not be updated until the following month.

 8. Can I pause my subscription?

There are times you might not need period products – like when you’re away on your jollies, or you aren’t going to have a period for a while. So you can always pause your subscription, and then email us at when you want to re-start it.


9. How do I change my card details?

Just log-in to your account on and go to the account details section.

10. Which day will I be charged each month?

You will be charged on the same day that you originally began your subscription.

11. Can I change my delivery or billing address?

Sure, no problem. Either log in to your account on and update your details or email us at

12. I’ve forgotten my password/ login?

We’ve all been there. Just drop our Fempowered team an email on and they’ll help you out.

Delivery & Returns

13. How much is delivery?

Delivery is free! Hallelujah.

14. Will my Fempowered pack fit through my letterbox?

The Fempowered box will fit through most letterboxes (we did some measuring) - it's 240mm (w) x 307mm (l) x 25mm (h).

15. Do you deliver outside the UK?

At the moment we only deliver to addresses in the UK.

16. My order is faulty/damaged?

We’ll happily replace or refund any products (whichever you prefer) which are faulty or damaged. Just email us at us know within 10 calendar days of receiving your order. (Due to the nature of the products we cannot accept returns for products that have been taken out of the original packaging.)

WaterAid’s work

17. How much money goes to WaterAid?

Every penny of our profit goes to WaterAid’s work to help women and girls around the world.

Find out more about WaterAid’s work.

18. In which countries does WaterAid work?

WaterAid is changing millions of lives every year, working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Find out more about where WaterAid works.