A little box that does big things. 

We’re your monthly period products subscription service that’s all about female empowerment. Every month, we’ll send you your products of choice whilst also supporting women and girls around the world with the resources, care and know-how to deal with their periods safely and with dignity. 

Why do we care about periods?

Because they’re something lots of us dread – constant cramps, unexpected leaks, out of control hormones and embarrassed whispers of “has anyone got any tampons?!” 

It can be bloody hard. But for some, a period can get in the way of everything.

Around the world on any given day, 288 million people are menstruating. But 1 in 4 of them (that’s roughly 72 million) have to get on with their day without anywhere safe and private to manage their period. Without a decent toilet. Without dignity. 

In some places, one of the most natural things in the world is an unspeakable taboo. Girls drop out of school, women can’t work regularly and so many live in fear of rejection from their communities just because they’re b l e e d i n g.

We’re having none of it. 

Fempowered is brought to you by WaterAid, a charity that really knows their stuff about water, sanitation and menstrual hygiene (that’s the fancy way of saying being able to deal with your period properly). WaterAid is empowering women and girls to live their lives without limitation. 

More about WaterAid >

Concerned about the climate? 

We got you. All our products are organic, biodegradable (where possible) and have no unnecessary plastic packaging. 

But are they harmful to people? 

Hell no. They have no nasty chemicals in them, so they’re kind to your body. The cotton farmers who make them are paid a fair price and aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals either. It’s a win-win.


There's tonnes more information about how Fempowered works on our frequently asked questions page - so head there to find out more.