Maisie Williams for Fempowered Toiletry Bag


Did you know that 37% of Brits feel uncomfortable talking about periods?

We think it’s about time that we flipped the narrative and started to feel bloody brilliant about bleeding. And so does Maisie Williams! If you want to join us in our fight to end menstruation taboos and inequality, this period bag is just what you need in your arms. It is designed by the powerful actress herself and a designer from her creative social network ‘Daisie’.

This abstract print features a womb, alongside hands and the “Feeling Bloody Brilliant” slogan, to encourage you and anyone that sees you carrying it to feel empowered by their period. Plus, with profits going towards tackling the inequalities that too often leave those that menstruate disadvantaged, you can carry your statement bag with even more pride.

Dimensions: 16 (W) X 13 (H) CM + 5 (BOTTOM GUSSET) CM

Bag body: White canvas. Bag lining: White nylon

Sponge clean only


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