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Nina Cosford standing in front of her period-themed artwork for the Out of Order exhibition.

Out of Order: showing the struggle of managing periods through art

Artist Nina Cosford shares her period-themed artwork that she created exclusively for a WaterAid. The work explores the issues women experience when dealing with their periods: from pain and hormones, to the dangers of having no decent toilet nearby.
August 09, 2019
Group shot of some of the girls that took part in the photography project in Nepal

Snapping the stigmas

When you subscribe to Fempowered you'll be supporting WaterAid projects that encourage girls in developing countries to shake off the taboos associated with periods - like the photography project in Nepal, which helped girls like Manisha realise periods don't have to be a source of shame.
July 19, 2019
A variety of period products alternatives, such as period pants and menstrual cups.

How to have a sustainable period - 5 eco-friendly options

Thinking about making the switch to using more sustainable protection during your period? We've put together a handy guide of eco-friendly options you can use, from organic cotton tampons to reusable period pants.
July 15, 2019
Earth with a plaster patch, symbolising the harm we can do to the planet with non-organic period products.

How much difference do sustainable period products really make to the environment?

Lots of us are thinking twice about buying our usual period products, and are instead reaching for products made from organic cotton. But are they really more eco-friendly? The simple answer is yes.

July 05, 2019
School pupils Irene and Winfred from Uganda, in front of a sign saying 'menstruation is normal'.

Let's just bloody talk about it

Shark week. The painters have come to town. Aunt flo has come to stay. On the blob. The time of the month. There are so many euphemisms for periods, and whilst some can be funny to use, it’s important to stay straight-talking when it comes to our most natural bodily function.
June 05, 2019
A search box with the words "We I'm on my period can I?"

I can, so why can’t she?

In many places around the world, getting your period is more than just a monthly inconvenience. For millions of women and girls, periods restrict their entire lives because of old taboos and myths - they can't stay in their family homes, can't eat certain foods, can't be near men. We want this to change - but first we need to start talking about periods.
May 22, 2019