Screenshots of our 7 favourite period tracking apps
June 11, 2020 — Team Fempowered

Whispers of: ‘has anyone got a tampon please?!’ followed by the hand grapple under the cubicle door as the always-prepared-friend or friendly stranger sorts you out. We’ve all been there.

Never getting caught short again is a big reason to track your cycle. But there are many more benefits. Perhaps you’ve recently come off the pill and your periods are taking a while to get back to a regular pattern. Or maybe you’re trying for a baby and want to know when you’re ovulating. Or maybe you’re definitely NOT trying for a baby, so want to know when you’re ovulating. Perhaps you’d like to get more in tune with your hormones and your moods.

It’s also a good idea to track your cycle if you are having any period-related problems, such as irregular bleeding or heavy flows. It means that when you visit your doctor, you can show them exactly what’s been going on day by day. This not only helps paint a clearer picture of your menstrual cycle, but it can help doctors calculate the best time to do certain tests if they need to check your hormone levels.

Whatever the reason behind tracking your period, it’s a great way to gain more control over your natural rhythms, and the easiest way to do so is with your phone. To save you time, we’ve shortlisted our favourite period tracking apps:

Clue: the good all-rounder

Screenshot of period tracking app Clue

With it’s easy to use interface and gender-neutral design, Clue immediately gets the thumbs up from us. Plus there are options to track other things related to your period, like sleep and emotions. Clue don’t sell your data either so you can feel reassured there.

Download Clue on Play Store

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Flo: the popular one

Screenshot of period tracking app Flo

With a clean design and simple icons to help track your symptoms, Flo is a good go-to. With a password-protected sign in, it’s a good choice if you want to keep your cycle info private. Handy if you are trying for a baby, it also incorporates a pregnancy tracker if you do successfully get pregnant (and Flo claim that 10 million people have done using the app).

Download Flo on Play Store

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Daysy: the fertility one

Screenshot of period tracking app Daysy

More than just an app, Daysy comes with a fertility tracker where you take your temperature every day and it will immediately tell you if you’re fertile or not. It’s definitely not the cheapest option, but maybe worth considering if you are trying for a baby as there is a lot of reputable data supporting the science behind this one.

Download Daysy from the website

Cycles: the one for both of you

Screenshot of period tracking app Cycles

With a minimalist feel, this app is very intuitive to use. With muted colours and no cheesy pink flowers, Cycles is the app for those who have a keen eye for good design. It also has a unique feature of being able to share period information privately with your partner - a big bonus. Having a way to clearly track your emotions as a couple as you ride the different hormones of your cycle could be a game-changer.

Download Cycles on Apple Store

Me Vs PMDD: the mental health one

Screenshot of period tracking app Me vs PMDD

If you’d like to gain more insight into your mood swings and roundabouts, this might be a great app for you. PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) is a condition where your mental health can be severely affected by the rise and fall of your menstrual cycle hormones. This app helps you track your emotions, links to helpful resources and has a journal function. Even if you don’t suffer from PMDD it might be a great way to track how you feel in line with your cycle.

Download Me vs PMDD on Play Store

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Eve: the fun one

Screenshot of period tracking app Eve

If you like colourful icons and emoji-based notifications, you’ll like this little app. Eve helps you track your cycle and mood, as well as offering a handful of quirky little extras such as sex tips, ‘cyclescopes’ (a horoscope-style forecast based on your cycle) and quizzes.

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Oky: the one just for girls

Screenshot of period tracking app Oky

A project supported by UNICEF, Oky is designed by girls, for girls. As well as incorporating period tracking, the app helps give girls facts about periods to help tackle the huge taboos that surround menstruation in many cultures. Great for your little sis, niece or daughter.

Download Oky on Play Store