Nina Cosford standing in front of her period-themed artwork for the Out of Order exhibition.
August 09, 2019 — Team Fempowered

Nina Cosford is an illustrator who draws (and paints!) inspiration from female stories of everyday life. 'Out of order' was an exhibition held in 2017 to help raise awareness for a WaterAid project aiming to bring clean water and good hygiene to women across the world. Nina has kindly agreed to share her artwork with Fempowered to help spread the word of female empowerment in her beautifully crafted illustrations. Nina created three illustrations designed to show period issues: the pain, the tears, the frustration… the works.

Nina's artwork depicting a frustrated woman sitting beside a toilet

“Being on your period can be difficult in the best of circumstances, whether you’re dealing with terrible mood-swings or unbearable pains and cramps. But imagine that without the privacy and dignity of a humble toilet cubicle, or even proper sanitary products.

“To me, it is so out of order that a third of women in the world are struggling to manage their periods without access to a decent toilet. It’s a heartbreaking and shocking statistic that needs to be addressed, which is why, when WaterAid approached me, I knew I had to get involved.”

- Nina Cosford

Nina's artwork depicting a woman with period pain sitting on a toilet

In this third illustration, Nina shows a girl struggling to manage her period, alone and scared. This candid portrait is a depiction of everyday life for many women in developing countries. Nina says: “The challenge I faced was trying to combine an element of humour in the first two illustrations with a sudden sense of seriousness to highlight the crisis that women in developing countries are facing on a daily basis. The girl in the last picture is exposed, humiliated and vulnerable to the risks closing in on her.”

Nina's artwork depicting the dangers of not having a decent toilet during your period

You can help change this. All profits from your Fempowered box go towards helping women all over the world manage their periods safely.

Fempowered boxes throughout September will include an exclusive postcard version of Nina's third illustration shown here.