How to manage your flow on the go
July 22, 2021 — Team Fempowered

Making the most of our time out of the house has never been more relevant.

After months of restrictions and cancelled plans, the UK is starting to open itself up again and our diaries are finally filling up with everything we’ve missed out on. Whether it’s festivals, long-awaited green list vacations, staycations or even just trips to your local with friends, we know you don’t want anything to ruin it.

Especially not your period!

But did you know that 63% of women have cancelled plans because they were dealing with PMS and period pain? We pretty much refuse to let that happen in post-lockdown life...

Managing periods on the go is a pain in the uterus

You probably don’t need us to tell you why getting your period whilst out and about is, well... less than desirable. Let us have our (much-needed) rant though.

The sad truth is that, in many ways, the world around us doesn’t cater to those with periods. Too often, public toilets lack the facilities that are needed to properly manage menstruation. Whether it’s not having bins, being without loo roll or soap dispensers being empty, we’ve all been there. And that’s if you can even find a toilet that you can use without needing to buy a coffee or a Big Mac first!

As our schedules become more busy again, this is unfortunately something that many of us have to consider. From festival portaloos, to pub toilets that don’t lock properly, we’re prepared to see loos of all shapes, sizes and smells. *cue sick emoji*

As always, WaterAid is prioritising making decent toilets and water facilities accessible to all, including those with periods! Working alongside Worthy Pastures, this summer we’ll be attending the Glastonbury-based campsite with a group of brilliant volunteers, providing good quality, clean and menstruation-friendly toilets. Plus, the Fempowered team will of course be there with all of the products (and period positive goodies) visitors could need.

But here’s how you can make it better…

Whether or not you’ve got WaterAid there to save the day, here are our top tips for managing menstruation, no matter where you are.

1. Get tracking!

Cycle tracking app

As we’ve spoken about before, we’re huge fans of period tracking apps! Not only do they allow you to stay in-tune with your body and what it’s going through at any given point, but they also mean that you can plan your time accordingly.

By knowing when you’re due on, you can ensure that you’re (almost!) always prepared. Because if there’s one thing more annoying than menstruating whilst at a festival/on holiday/on a night out, it’s being surprised that you’re menstruating whilst at a festival/on holiday/on a night out!

2. Think about the products you’ll use

Organic Fempowered period products

If you know that your period is due and you want to be out having fun, don’t stress! We promise it is possible to do both.

The first thing to think about is what products you’re going to need: how many hours are you likely to be going between having access to a toilet? Use this to decide whether pads, tampons, period pants or menstrual cups are the way to go for you! Plus, pack back ups just in case.

We also recommend trying to opt for more sustainable choices, to take care of the planet whilst you’re making the most of it! Fempowered’s products are all totally organic, ethically made and are biodegradable where possible.

3. Now think about how you’ll get rid of them…

Fab Little Bag

From camping and festivals, to trips in town, we’ve all experienced being without a bin when we need one!

Not only is this annoying for us, but it can also be harmful for Mother Earth too. 62% of women have said that they flush their menstrual products. Without proper access to bins and period-friendly facilities, people often feel as though they have no other option, meaning our oceans and beaches become more polluted with single-used plastics.

To make getting rid of used period products a breeze no matter where you are, we love Fab Little Bag. These plant-based essentials are completely sealable, so that you can wrap up tampons and pads until you reach a bin. Phew!

4. Stay clean and comfortable

Fempowered toiletry bag

Just as often as you won’t find bins in public loos, you won’t find soap either!

So that you can feel comfortable and are able to enjoy yourself, we recommend packing some biodegradable wipes and hand sanitiser with you as well. Plus, if you use a menstrual cup, don’t forget a bottle of water so that you can rinse it between uses.

5. Overprepare for cramps

Be You Monthly Patches

84% of people are said to get some kind of pain whilst on their period. And it can be a real day ruiner…

Make sure you’re covered by packing plenty of whatever your pain relief of choice is. If you’re doing an activity that means the likes of paracetamol or ibuprofen might not be an option, or if you simply want to take the natural route, we love Be You’s Monthly Patches. These discrete and convenient patches release an ache-easing combo of menthol and eucalyptus oil over 12 hours, for long-lasting relief that’s perfect whilst out of the house.

6. Discover your new on-the-go period saviour - our "Flow on the Go" kit!

We’re so done with periods holding people back.

After thinking about just how difficult it can sometimes be to enjoy time out of the house whilst on your period, we created our newest product. And it’s about to change the game!

Whether it’s a vacation, stay-cation or anything else-cation, our limited edition Flow On The Go kit contains all you need to manage menstruation on the fly.

Flow On The Go kit from Fempowered

This includes:

  • Be You’s Monthly Patches, to discreetly and naturally combat cramps
  • a sample of Fab Little Bag’s plant-based disposal bags, to make binning your used products a breeze
  • Tony Chocolonely’s vegan chocolate bar, for ethical snacking whilst out and about
  • 6 super pads, 6 regular tampons and 6 liners brought to you by Fempowered
  • an exclusive (and period positive!) tote bag to carry it all in style.

This on-the-go must-have is brought to you by WaterAid, with 100% of profits going to help those that menstruate around the world have a period with safety and dignity! Because we believe in better periods for all.