Our exclusive period bags designed by Gurls Talk's Adwoa Aboah, Zoe Sugg and Maisie Williams
October 21, 2020 — Team Fempowered

Team Fempowered is so excited to finally share with you our range of taboo-crushing period bags, that we know you’re going to love as much as we do.

Created in collaboration with inspiring women, Zoe Sugg, Maisie Williams and Adwoa Aboah, these new daily essentials make a bold statement that fits neatly into your work or school bag.

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They're a part of our mission to tackle menstruation stigmas through their bold designs. After all, fewer than two in five Brits (37%) feel comfortable talking about periods, according to WaterAid research. And since nearly 300 million people are bleeding today, that just doesn’t sit right with us!

As well as allowing you to do your bit to smash taboos close to home, by buying one of these bags you’ll also help us to raise much-needed money to support people with periods in other countries.

All of that and the perfect place to store your Fempowered sustainable period products whilst on-the-go? We know. You want to own one already. So, let’s look at the designs...

Fempowered X Zoe Sugg Own Your Flow Period Bag

"Own your flow": Zoe Sugg's bag designed exclusively for Fempowered

Zoe Sugg is the founder of the popular brand Zoella, a content creator and Sunday Times bestselling author. As well as being known for her positive personality online, Zoe frequently uses her powerful influence for good as a charity ambassador and mental health advocate. Like us, she believes that periods should not hold anyone back and is proud to be a part of the fight towards ending menstruation taboos.

Her “Own Your Flow” period bag features a stunning monochrome and celestial design so that you can make a period positive statement that is as powerful as it is stylish!

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Speaking about our collaboration, Zoe said, “I’m so proud to be working with Fempowered to bring more attention to the many girls around the world who have to miss school due to a lack of decent toilets or who drop out entirely. A period should never be something that holds anyone back and I hope the design we’ve worked on with WaterAid helps people own their flow with dignity.”

Fempowered X Maisie Williams Feeling Bloody Brilliant Slogan Period Bags

Maisie William's bag designs, featuring the slogan "Feeling bloody brilliant"

Maisie Williams is an award-winning actor and producer, as well as the founder of Pint-Sized Pictures. Committed to developing the female filmmaking talent here in the UK, she is all about gender equality and getting women the recognition they deserve. Like us, she’s fighting to break down the barriers that face those that menstruate and is proud to support Fempowered’s work.

Maisie, alongside a designer from her creative network Daisie, worked to create two bags for us: The first features the powerful slogan “Feeling Bloody Brilliant” and the second also uses the slogan, as well as an abstract design featuring a womb and hands. With colours that are as bold as our mission, these bags are your new go-to whether heading to work, school or, well, just about anywhere!

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Maisie said, “I’m feeling bloody brilliant about teaming up with WaterAid and  Fempowered  to help girls feel period proud. Talking about periods is normal. So let’s smash this stigma together.   

“It’s shocking that one in four women and girls around the world don’t have access to a decent toilet. How are they meant to manage during their period? By helping create these unique period bags I’m campaigning to make life fairer for girls everywhere.”

Fempowered X Gurls Talk It’s Only Blood Period Bags

"Riding the crimson wave" - bag designed by Gurls Talk's Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa Aboah is an activist, model, mental health campaigner and founder of online community, Gurls Talk. Committed to creating a “safe space to share and listen without any judgement or stigma”, she is a powerful force fighting to break taboos. Like us, she believes in getting the rights and needs of women and girls across the globe heard and is proud to support Fempowered’s work helping those that menstruate.

This taboo-crushing design was created by graphic designer Lex Blair, winner of a competition that Adwoa hosted through Gurls Talk. Depicting “surfing the crimson wave” in its most literal sense, it showcases pads, tampons and menstrual cups with delight!

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Adwoa said, “No girl deserves to feel embarrassed about her period. It’s only blood. That’s why I’m fighting this discrimination with WaterAid. The proceeds from the limited-edition period bags will help women around the world manage their periods safely. Dignity shouldn’t be optional.

“Being more open about periods can help make sure the rights and needs of women and girls are heard and taken seriously at a local and global level. That’s something we should all be fighting for.”

Get to know the bags, inside out

Each bag costs £13 including postage, with all profits going to WaterAid.

They're made from white canvas externally with a white nylon lining and are sponge clean only. The dimensions for each bag is 16 (W) X 13 (H) CM.

They're also ethically produced, so making a statement doesn’t have to come with a hidden moral cost!

100% of the profits are going to WaterAid, so you’ll be pushing forward projects that fight period discrimination and allow people across the globe to practically manage menstruation. From educating communities and schools where periods can still be seen as a curse or unclean, to building facilities that provide a safe, hygienic and dignified environment for those on their period, you really will be changing lives.

Ready to show the world your period pride and change lives while doing it? We like your style! You can get your hands on all of our new period bags in our shop.

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