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288 million people are menstruating right now

And 1 in 4 of them (that's about 72 million) don't have access to anywhere clean and safe to manage their period. Let's change this. By subscribing to Fempowered, you're supporting women everywhere to live their lives without limits. Period.

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You’re a few clicks away from empowering people all over the world to have their periods with more dignity. For just £10 a month you'll get all the eco-friendly period products you need while making the world of difference to those who need it.

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Personalise your box with the products that work for your flow.

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Get ready for hassle-free periods every month.

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Our little boxes will be delivered straight to you.

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You can amend your order, pause your subscription or cancel at any time.

Period talk

An illustration of the four seasons, which can describe each phase of your menstrual cycle

Empower your period: supercharge your cycle

Discover the superpowers that come with each phase of our menstrual cycles. By getting familiar with our monthly cycles, we can understand so much more about why we act a certain way at certain times of the month. And once we get to grips with that, we can start planning our lives around our cycles. We can begin to go with the flow.
Screenshots of our 7 favourite period tracking apps

Top 7 apps to track your menstrual cycle

Whatever the reason behind tracking your period, it’s a great way to gain more control over your natural rhythms, and the easiest way to do so is with your phone. To save you time, we’ve shortlisted our favourite period tracking apps.
The covers of our 5 autumn reading picks

The Fempowered Book Club - recommended reads

Feeling like it’s time to get cosy with a cuppa and a good read? Well we’ve got your back. Here are the latest recommended reads from our book club that will leave you celebrating your body, your menstrual cycle and the power of feminism.

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