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288 million people are menstruating right now

And 1 in 4 of them (that's about 72 million) don't have access to anywhere clean and safe to manage their period. Let's change this. By subscribing to Fempowered, you're supporting women everywhere to live their lives without limits. Period.

How it works

You’re a few clicks away from empowering people all over the world to have their periods with more dignity. For just £10 a month you'll get all the eco-friendly period products you need while making the world of difference to those who need it.

1. Choose your products

Personalise your box with the products that work for your flow.

2. Set up your payments

Get ready for hassle-free periods every month.

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Our little boxes will be delivered straight to you.

4. All in your hands

You can amend your order, pause your subscription or cancel at any time.

Period talk

The covers of our 5 autumn reading picks

The Fempowered Book Club - recommended reads

Feeling like it’s time to get cosy with a cuppa and a good read? Well we’ve got your back. Here are the latest recommended reads from our book club that will leave you celebrating your body, your menstrual cycle and the power of feminism.
Friends Irene and Winfred with their arms around each other

Girls supporting girls

Friends Winfred and Irene didn’t know what was happening to them when they started their periods. They missed school every month. But with a new health club at school, the girls have learnt to take control of their personal hygiene, manage their periods and even make their own reusable sanitary pads.

Are these 5 common period myths true or false?

5 period myths busted

Even though they’ve been around since the beginning of humankind, there's still so much confusion around our menstrual cycles. We're here to debunk five of the most common myths around periods, from whether you can get pregnant on your period, to the amount of blood you lose.

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